【Language English】『AQUASENSE Hotel & Resort』Ocean View Resort with outdoor jet-bath where you can feel the ocean breeze.

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『AQUASENSE Hotel & Resort』Experience that makes it one with Nature

The concept of AQUASENSE Hotel & Resort is “Become One with Nature”.

Our concept, designed to give you the experience where you can enjoy and feel the most beautiful and relaxing  sunset view from all Japan. The concept is to provide you an experience stay where you can get away from your daily life and relax.

Our location is next to Kafuu Resort Fuchaku CONDO・HOTEL which is also operated by KPG HOTEL & RESORT. Kafuu Resort Fuchaku CONDO・HOTEL is also known as the best place in Okinawa where you can enjoy the most amazing sunsets in Japan.

Opened on Onna Village hill where the most beautiful sunsets can be found, All our rooms are equipped with spacious balconies which provides outside relaxing couch and jet-bath that can be used any time, no matter the season or weather.

In addition, we offer you the entertainment space AQUA TERRACE in front of the hotel, Such as the Infinity Pool, Open Air Bar, and relaxing areas. The new way of spending your stay in Okinawa is with AQUASENSE Hotel & Resort.




『Become One with Nature』

The experience of being one with nature.
Onna Village is blessed with the most beautiful and sunny sky that reflects
the magnificent ocean which makes the sky and the ocean to become one.
Our concept is to offer customers the experience of being one with the nature.
The clear sky in harmony with the blue ocean,
creates the charm and coziness
that can be experienced only in this place.


【Facility and Rooms】

All rooms are ocean view with a specious balcony that is equipped with an outdoor daybed and jet bath, which can be used anytime regardless of season or weather.

AQUASENSE Hotel & Resort was designed with 7 types of rooms and different nature-themed color for each floor, to offer you the comfort and pleasure during your stay.

Exclusively, only at AQUASENSE Hotel & Resort we present you the four POOL SUITE rooms, With a maximum of 210㎡, each equipped with an outdoor heated pool available for all season, allows you to enjoy and have a flexible stay.

The AQUA TERRACE also available for our customers, with an infinity pool, outdoor bar and chillout space.

The restaurant RYUKYU CHINESE Bon Fire, it combines the Okinawa food culture with a wide variety of Chinese cooking methods.


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All 77 rooms are equipped with jet-bath and daybed. 


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Room Type

AQUA POOL SUITE(Occupancy:4persons・319.11㎡)
HORIZON POOL SUITE(Occupancy:4persons・182.79㎡)
EXECUTIVE POOL SUITE(Occupancy:4persons・141.98㎡)
TERRACE POOL SUITE(Occupancy:4persons・204.72㎡)
CORNER OCEAN SUITE(Occupancy:4persons・88.80㎡)
PREMIUM OCEAN ROOM(Occupancy:4persons・76.63㎡)
OCEAN TERRACE DX ROOM(Occupancy:2/3 persons・74.03㎡・4-9F)
OCEAN TERRACE ROOM(Occupancy:2/3 persons・74.03㎡・2-3F)

※The size of rooms includes balcony※


Is an entertainment area that covers more than 2.200㎡ which makes the most of characteristics of tropical resort.
Various contents are available such as a large basin and pools with different depths for both adults and children.
Open air bar and many gazebos with bench seats are available.

The concept of terrace is design after terraced rice field that calculates the sun set. It measures the time of sunset that changes every day
from summer solstice to winter solstice. With an amazing lighting effect that harmonizes 30 minutes after sunset, and the night the illumination changes accordingly thru night to color your night scene.


Pool in AQUA TERRACE   【OPEN  Apr.- Oct. 】




We have reconstructed a new genre called “Ryukyu Chinese” by fusing Okinawa`s food culture with a wide variety of Chinese cooking methods. The ingredients are grown in the tropical sunshine and are cooked in a way that is not bound by genres such as Guangdong, Beijing, Sichuan, and Shanghai. The dishes are served in a large bowl of Ryukyu tableware (Yachimun) which maximize the taste of the ingredients.


施設名  AQUASENSE Hotel & Resort/アクアセンス ホテル & リゾート
所在地 〒904-0413 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字冨着黒崎原86番1
TEL 098-987-8031
FAX 098-987-8032
Check-in/OUT 14:00/11:00
Floors: 1st basement floor-9th floor
Room: 77 Rooms/7 Type

Restaurant:  RYUKYU CHINESE Bon Fire
Restaurant Seats:(Breakfast 114 Seats、Dinner 124 Seats)
Restaurant Breakfast: 6:30~10:00
Restaurant Lunch:  11:30~15:00
Restaurant Dinner:  18:00~23:00

Other:AQUA TERRACE(Pool, Open Bar), Shop, Laundry Room, Vending machine.

Parking: 81 Lots.

Schedule opening day: 2022 April 15th (Friday) 


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    (月~金 10:00~18:00)